Why Love is Not Enough to Save a Failing Marriage

Are you as happy with your spouse as you were before you got married?

Do you think your love is fading away? If you go back in time to the early stages of your relationship, you will find many spectacular memories and feelings that were special. But those were in the past and they don’t happen anymore.

Everyone is busy with something or the other: the pressure of career building, changes in priorities, and tough times in our life can lead to chaos in relationships.  Nobody wants to stay away from the people they love. However, in these times we can find many examples that clearly show why love is not enough  to stop a divorce.

We all make mistakes, but we need to understand and rectify them – much better than going through a divorce with the person you love. Let ‘s look at some aspects of marriages and how to save a failing marriage.

Both of you had a lot of time for each other before marriage. You used to hang out, go for holidays, go to movies, parties, spend time with friends and have a lot of fun. These memories often give your relationship a boost, but how long can it make things work?

Your Wife Still Loves You

Many married couples are facing the same problem which is why the rate of failing marriages has increased rapidly. It is not just because someone is cheating on his or her spouse or that they are not in love anymore. There are a number of reasons why we find the count of failing marriages going so high these days.

The fast pace of life and many other factors have transformed our existence in such a way that two people can’t stay together only because they love each other. However there are lots of examples of happily married couples who are enjoying their relationship and their life in the best way.

What is the difference between them and you?

Let’s look at the three important aspects of saving a relationship.

  • Communication – In the early stages of a relationship people talk and they talk a lot. Talking or communicating in any other form helps others to understand and feel someone in a better way. This is a very common cure for some relationships, but not all! For some, a lack of communication and sharing of feelings leads to arguments. For other relationships talking too much is the problem!
  • Neglecting your spouse – Couples who are having a professional career or are busy with work often don’t find time for home and take the relationship for granted. This affects the relationship in a very bad way and needs a cure. If you or your partner is having the same problem, then it is highly recommended to find some time for your partner. Marital communication is the only thing that can help a couple resolve issues before they lead to big problems such as divorce. Some quality time, some laughs and even some sexy time like the old days often result in healing marital wounds in a faster and efficient way.
  • Paying attention to small issues – How can both of you work together to fix the failing marriage? If you are already in trouble then refer the previous part again, if not then do it from the beginning. Make it a common goal to care and support your spouse in everything that creeps up in your life. Handle every small issue right from the beginning; don’t let them grow and create a big problem for your relationship later.

If your married life is suffering many problems and you are tired of searching the internet and reading books and articles to get a way out and lead a happy life with your loved one then marriage counseling can sound great to you. If problems are very serious then marriage counseling could help, but not always.

Problems arise due to lack of communication and understanding and marriage counseling simply helps you deal with it in an easier way by pointing out both of your problems and coming up with a simple cold headed solution.

There are certain small things that we often skip, forget, reject or ignore that can actually play a small but important part in a relationship. These things can help save failing marriage if paid a little attention to. I am pointing to those things that most of us feel have become silly, boring or not worth mentioning. Things like ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’, phone calls during lunch breaks, random talks and laughs, they matter a lot.

With the ageing of a relationship, we tend to stop such activities. Imagine the effort you used to give to them before marriage, and yes, they really helped the relationship to prosper. Just a little effort to let your spouse know that you remember and care for him or her does an important job of strengthening a relationship.

Some other key aspects to stop your marriage from failing include:

  • Anger management – Keep your temper within your control. Don’t shout about problems or say cruel things when you don’t really mean to hurt him or her.
  • Patience – This is something we need in everything we do, so why not put it to use to save your marriage? Troubles of marriage don’t just start in a day, have patience to resolve them slowly and remove them completely.
  • Compromise – Learning to compromise is important. It is not always that only your decision matters. You should and must respect decisions and opinions of your partner.

The married life brings lots of problems and the mistakes are not borne by one. We all make mistakes and when we don’t, we should understand, forgive and forget. This is a key thing that all married men and women must learn if they want to save failing marriage and live a happy married life. Start working on the problems of your marriage now!

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