Why Do People Divorce? Video Series Part 3: Expectations

When it comes to expectations in marriage men and women certainly do have varying views. Traditionally, a man has always been the breadwinner in the marriage while the woman has been a homemaker and the person who takes charge of rearing children.

This of course has changed drastically over the last 30 to 40 years  as women have started to move into the workplace. Today over 50% of all marriages find both spouses working, at least part time. What this means is that expectations have changed as well as the roles that a husband and wife plays in the marriage.

Your Wife Still Loves You

That being said, if your marriage is failing one of the main causes is most likely the expectations that you have of your spouse and, more importantly, the expectations that your spouse has of you. If you’re going to  save your marriage you’re going to need to change his / her expectations and get back to a more traditional–based  type of marriage.

Simply put, if husbands become the leader that they need to be, the expectations wives have will change dramatically as well as a husband’s expectations of what his wife should provide in the marriage. Discussing these things is helpful but it is better to simply set the ground rules for expectations and let your spouse know what they are. In many cases you will find that laying down the law puts everything in perspective for both of you and allows you to see that your expectations aren’t as wild or high as you may have once thought.

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