Why Do People Divorce? Video Series Part 2: Sex

Is my wife cheating? Is my husband cheating? These are questions that none of us want to ask, but if sex is lacking or missing altogether at home, often a spouse will find it elsewhere. Having a healthy sex life is important for a happy marriage.

While it can be extremely enjoyable, there are many women who use sex as a tool to get what they want in a relationship and there are many men that are more than willing to do whatever their woman wants to get said sex.  I’m not condemning this practice, just pointing out that when it comes to sex men and women see it completely differently.

Your Wife Still Loves You

If you have already gotten into the habit of doing things for your spouse in order to have sex then the first task that you have is to stop this habit as soon as possible. Frankly, if you go begging your wife for sex you are opening yourself up to be taken advantage of. Yes, going without sex for a few days or even a few weeks might be difficult but it’s what you need to do to establish the fact that you’re not going to bribe your wife for sex anymore.

And why should you? The fact is, most women enjoy sex just as much as men do but, because of the changes to the moral fabric of society, it has become commonplace to think that men want sex more. The only real difference between the sexes when it comes to sex is that men are more animalistic and women are more passionate and emotional. If you want to make your wife want you, you’ll have to learn to fulfill these needs.

If you know this fact and can take advantage of it you will find that you no longer have to ‘pay’ for sex but will have a spouse who is more than willing to give it to you whenever you want.

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