Why Do People Divorce? Video Series Part 1: Money

For many married couples money seems to be the root of all evil. It’s one of the top reasons for divorce. The fact is however that without money it’s very hard to do anything in this world or get anything that you want. The way that men and women look at money is quite different, to say the least, but one of you need to take charge of the money and be the money leader in your household.

What does this mean exactly? It means that you need to lay down some rules and, when necessary, enforce them. Let’s say you agree that the husband is in charge, It means that rather than discuss with your wife what she can spend every week you need to just give her a budget and make sure that she sticks to it. Simply put, trying to see eye to eye about money is never going to work because your spouse has much different ideas about money than you do. You have to find a compromise.

Your Wife Still Loves You

That being said, a budget can also be very liberating for both of you because it allows your spouse to do what he/she wants (up to a point) and also gives you the peace of mind that the hard work that you are both putting in to make a living isn’t being abused or disrespected.

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