Who Will Suffer While Going Through A Divorce? The Answer Might Surprise You.

Everyone Else

Children of divorced parents suffer from a host of problems. For starters, most couples about to
get a divorce precede the event with anger and acts of violence. A warm loving home benefits a child
much better than a home where everyone yells all the time. Then there’s the issue of child custody to
worry about. Who will get the kids? Will they have to spend half their time in one home and the other
half in another? Then comes the issues of bringing step parents and/or children in to the mix. You have
to wonder about the psychological effects on your kids that a divorce could bring about. Will they have
trust issues? How will divorce effect their future relationships with their life partners?

Even your parents will be affected. How will they feel about the sudden splitting up of your
household? Friends, co-workers, all these people will now have to feel like they are “choosing a side”
between you and your spouse. The cost of divorce can be extremely high too. You have the lawyers to
pay off, you are now going to be less one income earning household member, and even though you may
have custody off the children, now you have to support them without your spouse’s aid. Nothing can
replace the love and attention of a parent , and a check sent every month just doesn’t cut it.

You need to take action to prevent divorce. It is a horrible thing full of emotional pain for everyone.
It is a sad fact that half of marriages end in divorce, but you can have a happy marriage if you are ready
to take the right action. If you are a man, you need to get the spark back. If you are a woman , you need
to do the things that make him happy. Clean the old fast food wrappers out of the car, seduce him
before the kids wake up, and iron his T-shirts or whatever happens to easily and absolutely delight him
(Newman). This country has enough broken homes, don’t you think?


Your Wife Still Loves You

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