What Is The Number One Reason For Divorce?

Divorce is unfortunately all too common in our society. You have undoubtedly heard the statistics about half of all marriages ending in divorce. Everyone knows a friend or relative who has had an unhappy marriage that ended. However, you may not realize what the single most common cause of divorce is.What is the number one reason for divorce – money.

It has been said that money is the root of all evil, and this is certainly the case when it comes to marriage.

Too often, seemingly happy marriages begin to fall apart because of disagreements about money. These disagreements can be about matters as simple as a grocery bill or as complicated as planning for retirement. However, once a couple has begun to argue about money, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to repair the damage that is being done to the relationship.

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One of the most common ways in which money becomes the number one reason for divorce is when one spouse earns a lot more money than the other. Traditionally, of course, the husband was the breadwinner and the wife stayed home. Of course, many marriages were not really like this, even at the time, but it was a model that worked for many people.

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However, when one spouse is earning the bulk of the couple’s income, it can create a disparity in power that can poison a relationship. This is particularly true when both spouses are working. The person who is earning less may feel as if their contribution to the family finances is not being valued very highly. The partner who is earning more may feel as if they are being undervalued. This can lead to bitter feelings that, if left untreated, can destroy a marriage.

Disagreements about how much to spend are another common source of marital strife.

For example, one spouse may feel as if the other person is wasting money on frivolities and unnecessary items. The other partner may feel attacked for their spending, and lash out in anger. One spouse may also try to hide their spending, which can lead to feelings of betrayal if their spending habits are later discovered.

Inheriting a great deal of money may seem like a blessing, but a sudden inheritance has actually destroyed more marriages than it has saved. Any sudden and dramatic increase in wealth or income has the potential to wreck the carefully constructed balance of a successful marriage. It can be quite difficult to adjust to a new economic reality.

Of course, a sudden decrease in income or a loss of wealth can also wreak havoc with a marriage. Adjusting to a lower economic status often leads to unhappiness that is taken out on a spouse, who is an unfortunately convenient target.

In many cases, the number one reason for divorce is as simple as money. Knowing how to deal with financial issues is an important part of building a strong and successful marriage.

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