Top Reasons For Divorce Here’s 10

Some couples meet, fall in love, marry and live happily ever after. Other couples meet, marry and end up divorcing within a very short time. Why is this so prevalent? Can it be helped or stopped? Let’s take a look at the top reasons for divorce and see what we can find out.

The top ten reasons for divorce are:

10. Growing apart is often cited as a reason for divorce.

The truth is we are all changing and growing as we mature, but growing apart is one of the most common causes of divorce in America. True, some of us mature at a different rate than others but, there are still ways to find common ground and celebrate marriage without divorcing.

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9. Religious differences are a frequently cited as a reason for divorce.

Many times in life people ebb and flow into and out of religion. Having a solid set of standards and morals can often be taken as a religion. Be open minded and consider all options before divorcing for this reason. Many times couples find that they really do believe in the same thing even if one claims a specific religion over another religion.

8. Child rearing if often a cause for divorce.

The husband that refuses to change a diaper or help feed his children is often put down by the wife who feels she is doing it all. Add that in with the spouse who never yells and the spouse who feels that is the only way they’re heard and you have a volatile mix. Strive for equality here and consider sharing responsibility. There are alternatives to yelling and there are easy ways to solve these issues.

7. Addiction is a tough one to tackle.

When one spouse finds out that another spouse is an addict they often feel betrayed. It’s important to remember to love the spouse but hate the addiction. Will the addicted spouse consider treatment? Often that is the real question in this sticky situation.

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6. Sex issues often show their ugly heads during divorce proceedings.

One spouse may be more adventurous while another is shy. Perhaps one spouse can’t have children. Whatever the issue, honest open communication can often alleviate the issue.

5. Money issues run rampant in the top ten reasons for divorce.

Couples marry not having a clue what the spouse’s financial situation is. Honest open communication prior to marriage will help this difficult situation before it starts. Learning how to manage finances together and not hiding financial issues will go far in creating trust in the marriage.

4. Infidelity is perhaps the most frequently cited reason for divorce.

Infidelity can be in person or online and only emotional. The injured spouse is hurt and emotionally traumatized and the other spouse is seeking comfort elsewhere. It’s important to remember that at one time, you relied on one another for this sort of comfort. There will always be someone waiting and lurking to wreck a marriage. Don’t fall prey to their sneaky tactics. Rely on one another and remember how things were in the beginning.

3. Family can often interfere with marriage.

When we marry, we leave our families and we should focus on one another. Even if your mad at your spouse, don’t call the relatives in to take sides. It’s not fair to either of you and in a few days it will blow over and you’ll feel badly that you called in the relatives.

2. Abuse or mental illness may or may not go hand in hand with addiction.

If someone is being abused, either verbally or physically, it’s time to do something about it. Occasionally the issues may be resolvable but not often. Look long and hard at the situation before making any quick decisions but always remain safe while considering the options.

1. Lack of commitment in a marriage is another of the top ten reasons for divorce.

Many people enter a marriage having no clue what married life is like. Sharing and giving are important factors in keeping a marriage together and when one spouse is doing all the work the he or she will quickly tire of being the only one to make the effort.

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