Top 10 Ways to Stop a Divorce

6. Try to compromise with your spouse.

Compromise is what makes a marriage work.

7. It may not seem cool, but try to tell them how much it sucks to be single and they aren’t getting any   younger.

You may not want to play dirty, but the older you get, the fewer options you have as a single man or woman.

8. Tell the other person that you should see a therapist.

They may be willing to work things out through a mediator.

9. Remind the other person of what brought you two together in the first place.

10. Remind your spouse of the wedding vows you took.

So many people get divorced over marriage or weight gain, remind them that it’s through sickness or  health, richness or poorness.

Your Wife Still Loves You

Sometimes you can’t change the other person, and it could turn out that if you act needy or desperate that you will turn the other person off as no one likes that type of behavior. Make sure that when you talk to your spouse about not getting divorced that you do so in a calm , collected manner, don’t break down and start crying (especially if you’re the guy!)

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