Top 10 Reasons Why Marriages Fail

It’s funny how most marriage vows include staying together through health or sickness, wealth or poverty, and till death do you part….and then there’s divorce.


The number one reason for divorce is money. So much for the richness/poorness vow, and you can bet that wives aren’t leaving their husbands because they got rich. It’s more like , they fight over lack of moneyand broke up. Of course, if a husband got rich, he may feel like he’s entitled to a trophy wife and may decide to “trade up” , if you will. There are many other reasons other than money, but that is the top one. In order to figure why marriages fail, and how to avoid divorce, it’s good to understand what keeps a marriage together.


Your Wife Still Loves You

A major key to a healthy marriage is communication.  So lack of communication makes a good reason for why a marriage would fail. If you two aren’t speaking anymore , then you really aren’t anything more than strangers sharing small living quarters.


Sex is very important to a marriage, a big reason why marriages fail is problems in the bedroom.  Either it’s too much, or more likely, not enough or just not enjoyable anymore.


Cheating , of course,is a death blow to any relationship and would definately be up there as a top reason for a marriage failing.

Drugs & Alcohol

Penn State did a study that collected data from 1980 to 1997 and found that in according to the reasons I’ve mentioned, drug and alcohol abuse is a big reason for marriage failure.


Another big reason that marriage fail is due to abuse of one spouse by another, either physically or emotionally.

Lack of Intimacy

A lack of intimacy is another reason why marriages fail, like a plant , a marriage has to be cared for.


Differing expectations in careers and differing expectations regarding children are the last two of our top ten reasons. There’s a reason why dating sites ask if you want children when you fill out there form.


The last reason of our 10 is probably the most important. Love. Love is essential to a marriage, no love, no marriage, or at least not a happy one.

Gender Differences

The reasons for why marriages fail also sort of differs between genders, for example, men cite problems with in-laws as a major reason for divorce. Men blame external factors like money, work,  etc, while women will typically cite emotional reasons.

So If you were wondering , “Well that’s all well and good, but how do I fix my marriage?”

Well, if you have:

  • money issues taken care of
  • a great sex life, good communication
  • you don’t cheat
  • no addictions
  • you don’t abuse each other
  • you keep the intimacy and love going
  • you want the same things

your marriage should be a long and happy one. But many marriages don’t come even close to meeting all of those points. You’ve come to the right site for help.

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