10 Tips On How To Rekindle A Marriage

There are a number of reasons couples feel they need to rekindle the spark in their marriage. Common reasons for this are both partners working full-time jobs, the kids moving out, and even that the couple has fallen into a marital rut. Whatever the reason couples can take steps towards rekindling their love to one another. Learning how to rekindle a marriage involves revving both the physical attraction and emotional attachment to your partner.

Below are 10 tips to help get you started on the road to a marriage filled with love and passion.

1. Communication is a key factor in any relationship.

You should try to take time out each day just for each other. It could be just fifteen minutes having a morning cup of coffee together or staying up an extra few minutes before bed. By focusing on clear communication with each other you will have a better understanding of how your partner feels and what they want.

2. Become reacquainted with your partner’s interests.

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Often times at the beginning of a relationship the couple with share in the other’s interests, but after a number of years together they start to drift from that habit. You may find that by sharing activities with your partner that you don’t normally share gives you a better understanding of each other.

3. Try something new and unexpected.

One of the best ways to get a marriage out of a rut is to try new things. Sign up for a couples cooking class or dance lessons. By shaking things up a little bit you may start to feel a flare of that old excitement.

rekindle your marriage

4. To try and rekindle a little of that lost passion you may want to shake things up in the bedroom too.

If you have kids send them to a friend’s house for the night and devote an evening to becoming reacquainted with each other’s wants and desires.

5. Talk about sex.

Many couples don’t really think of this as a first option, but it is vital to figuring out how to rekindle a marriage. Many couples find that after talking about sex they both wanted to try new things, and often times the same new things.

6. Try starting over.

Go out on that first date again. Whether it is recreating the first date or creating a brand new one. Treat it as if you are going out for the first time.

7. Set up a date night.

For those couples that seem just too busy a scheduled date night by do the trick. Set a date night once a month and stick to it. This can bring a couple closer both physically and emotionally.

8. Put your spouse’s needs ahead of your own.

When both partners are focus on the needs and desires of the other they can grow much closer. Try asking your partner how his or her day was or offer a little extra time doing what they enjoy doing.

9. Take a surprise outing.

One day or evening when you and your spouse both have some free time head out. You can try driving out to the country side and staring at the clouds or stars. Don’t focus on your relationship, instead try to enjoy each other’s company.

rekindle a marriage

10. Relive some of those childhood games.

Sometimes a little less stress can go a long way towards improving your marriage. An impromptu water gun or silly string fight can be a lot of fun and relieve some stress. Sometimes acting a little bit like Peter Pan and the Lost Boys can be lots of fun.
Rekindling the spark in your marriage may seem like an impossible task, but it really does not have to be that hard. With a few tips and an idea of your partner’s wants you can turn that tiny spark into a flaming ember again.

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  1. John 29/07/2013 at 8:12 pm #

    I think one of the most important things about marriage is to be realistic. Things won’t be great all the time, disagreements will happen as well as arguments. I think that too many people think that marriage is like constantly being in love.

  2. efpierce 31/07/2013 at 7:12 pm #

    I have found that a date night is a man’s best defense for a ho-hum relationship. It can rekindle that fire that you once had.

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