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Improve Your Relationship with the Kids Around

Having kids can make married life more rewarding. However, in some cases, being preoccupied with raising the kids can also take its toll on your marriage. If you are starting to feel the need to rescue your marriage from the kids, take the following tips: Keep your focus. While it is true that raising children […]

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Rekindle the Fire

Are you in a situation where you feel that you and your spouse have grown too familiar with each other? Do you long for the excitement that you used to feel? Or the anticipation that you used to experience when you are about to see each other? It’s not yet too late to save your […]

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Keep Distractions in Check

Most couples who end up breaking up blame distractions for wrecking their marriages. It is hard to agree that things that take up so much of our time are the ones to blame for the failure of a marriage. Marriage is a bond between two people. It is the couple—and never the things around them—that […]

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Fix Your Relationship with Expert Help

So you have gone past the denial phase. Now you acknowledge the fact that the responsibility to keep your spouse is bigger than you or your spouse or even what you used to have. Now you realize that you need expert help to get your marriage back on the right path. There are several ways by […]

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Three Steps to Avoid Divorce

Many marriages, even those with great potential, go to waste because the couples either ignore or fail to recognize the warning signs. And because, for one reason or another, they do not heed the warning signs, they are not able to do something about it. If you are one of those couples whose marriage is […]

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The Art of Empathy

There are many reasons why marriages fail and couples break up. But many of these reasons can be characterized by the lack of empathy. Empathy, in simple terms, is the ability of one or both parties to put themselves in the shoes of the other so they can have a better understanding of where they […]

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3 Expert Tips to Fix a Marriage

All marriages begin in heaven. And all marriages go through bumps and rough spots. The only difference between marriages that endure and those that do not is the willingness of the parties to work on it. If you are going through one of those major trials, the first thing you need to decide on at […]

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