Should I Get A Divorce?

When a couple stand before a minister to recite their marriage vows, full of smiles, “love” and joy; the last question on they ever imagine asking is, “should I get a divorce?”.  They’ll expect that their marriage should be able to carry the 6-word phrase that ends most fairy tales “and they lived happily ever after”, but, unfortunately, that cannot be said about most marriages. A lot of situations many arise in a relationship causing either party to consider divorce.

Some situations provide genuine grounds for divorce.

When any of the following begins to happen in a relationship, divorce may seem like the only option – and sometimes it is:

  • When your spouse abuses you physically or emotionally.
  • When every situation, no matter how seemingly trivial it is, evolve into a fight even when you try to prevent it.
  • When either of you can’t but talk about hurtful moments in the past.
  • When you no longer respect each other and no matter what you do it seems not to be coming back.
  • When your goals and directions in life changed and is now completely different from what you both believed in initially.
  • When your partner seems to be less concerned with you personal development?
  • When both of you have changed to the extent that you no longer share moral, ethical, or lifestyle values together anymore
  • When you and your spouse find it difficult to reach a compromise. When resolving issues have become an impossible thing to do.
  • When you suddenly don’t wish to have sex with your spouse anymore, despite professional tips and advice.
  • Issues of finances, ethnicity, religion and beliefs.

These and many more reasons are the grounds for divorce given by most people. Although these reasons seems to be genuine, the effects of a divorce are a lot more devastating when laid side by side with the grounds for divorce. Before you bail out of your marriage, carefully consider what you’ll be diving into. Most people are not prepared for the challenges of post-divorce life. They just simple say “everyone makes a mistake”, “he/she was not just the right person for me that was the reason why things didn’t work out”, “I need to go out there and choose the right person for me”.

Your Wife Still Loves You

A person that goes into divorce may never get a good relationship in his/her life time, he/she just keeps moving from one partner to another, comparing values and features , seeking a better option till he/she is too old to keep trying. Children from broken homes face a lot of challenges which include inability to focus on their studies, lack of (adequate) companionship, depression and a lot more devastating effects.

Researchers have proven that majority of children from broken homes find it very difficult to make it through life. In situations where the parent they stay with remarries, often they refuse to accept their stepfather/stepmother making life miserable for everyone.

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  1. Justin 29/07/2013 at 8:30 pm #

    This is a great list of reasons why you should get a divorce. Any one of these reasons especially if there are multiple characteristics here that define your relationship.

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