Save Marriage | Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Your Marriage Savior System include?

The Your Marriage Savior System Includes 4 comprehensive manuals, 2 audio mp3”s, and several bonuses…everything you need to COMPLETELY renew the passion in your marriage and KEEP IT GOING STRONG forever!

Will I receive something in the mail?

No. The system is a direct-download product. When you complete your order, you”ll be taken to our special Thank You page where you can download the system straight to your computer. This gives several advantages – First, there’s no shipping and handling fee. Second, there’s no waiting for the product to arrive. Third, there’s no physical product for your wife to find laying around the house.

How does the 100% Money-back Guarantee work?

The system is fully guaranteed for 60 days. All of our payments and refunds are processed through a company called Clickbank. If at any point in time you’d like a refund, just forward your e-mail receipt to, and your refund will be processed within a few business days. Couldn’t be simpler.

Will the Your Marriage Savior System conflict with my religious beliefs?

Not at all. The system is simply a piece of technology. An iPhone will work for you whether your a Christian or Muslim, or from America or Australia. Everything in the system is based on biology, not culture, and that’s why it’s worked for men on FIVE continents, from many different cultures and religions. Having said that, however, the portion for the Beta man contains some very explicit sexual language. If that is offensive to you, please do not purchase.

What is the system”s success rate?

We don’t have the figures at this time to calculate our success rate since most of our customers don’t follow up with us to tell us how things are going. However, we can tell you that – as of this writing – we have a relatively low refund rate. That tells you that most of our customers are completely satisfied with the system.

How much does the system cost?

Right now, the system is available for the discounted price of $197. Given our phenomenal customer satisfaction rate, and the fact that the average divorce in the US costs $20,000, we believe that this is a tremendous value for the price.

Can I get a hard copy of the system?

Not at this time. Our belief is that marriage problems are EXTREMELY time-sensitive. By the time our customers discover our site, many of them are already separated or even going through the divorce process. Having to wait for a product to arrive in the mail only makes things worse. With a direct-download product, you get INSTANT access to the system and can start saving your marriage right away.

My wife and I have already separated. Can the system work for me?

It’s important to remember that separation and divorce are two different things. Women are emotional creatures who make decisions IN THE MOMENT, and that’s the key to saving your marriage. By flipping the psychological “switches” that control your wife’s attraction, you can lead her emotions where you want them to go. Think of a ball rolling on a table – it only requires the slightest nudge to send it off on a totally new trajectory. By learning to lead your wife’s emotions, you can change her “trajectory”, too.

What about infidelity? Can the system work even if someone has cheated?

The system HAS worked in situations just like that. If you’re the one who’s cheated, the system will show you exactly how to go about mending the wounds and re-establishing faith in your leadership. On the other hand, if your wife has cheated, this system will show you EXACTLY why it has happened, and give you a real, step-by-step roadmap for establishing yourself as the sole King of your wife’s affections. Whether you choose to stay together at that point will be YOUR decision, not hers.