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Rekindle the Fire

Are you in a situation where you feel that you and your spouse have grown too familiar with each other? Do you long for the excitement that you used to feel? Or the anticipation that you used to experience when you are about to see each other? It’s not yet too late to save your relationship. Here are five drastic measures that you can try to rekindle the old flame.

First: Give each other a warm welcome.

Nothing beats a warm welcome from your spouse after a tiring day. Sure, your day has been as tiring as your spouse’s and you don’t know where to get the energy to look upbeat for your spouse at the end of the day. However, remember that somebody has to start the cycle of warmth, and it pays to be the one to do this if this will fix your marriage.

Second: Don’t miss 20-minute huddles.

So the day or the week has been busy as hell? Make a conscious effort to connect with each other, even for as little as 20 minutes in a day. Of course, it is always best if you save time for a weekend getaway, but if this is not forthcoming, make sure to set some of these lightning huddles very now and then.

Third: Think back on what a great past you’ve had.

Sometimes, all it takes is for you both to remember how different you were in the past and how fun it all was. Remembering together the highlights of your relationship will help to remind you of your great potential to be happy, and make you both realize that you still have “it” in you. Then it will be easier to decide to work on your marriage, and to find out how.

Your Wife Still Loves You

Fourth: Don’t forget the sex.

The spontaneous type is always better, but if you are both too busy for things that are unplanned, then it will be best to put bedtime in your plans as well. And make sure, too, that you actually take the set time off.

Fifth: Be easy.

If you want to rekindle the fire in your relationship, don’t demand for all the works when you are out on a date. At this point in your lives, you should be able to make each other happy with the simplest things.

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