My Wife Wants A Divorce. Now What?

My wife wants a divorce syndrome is not that uncommon a request these days. The divorce statistics definitely go against the grain when it comes to longevity in marriage. The big question is how did your marriage get so bad that your wife wants to quit altogether and start a fresh life? You may even think that she hates you.

How did it get to this point?

The divorce rate is holding steady between 40% and 50% so the odds are stacked against people getting married in the first place. To put more salt in the wound, the rate of divorce is even higher on subsequent marriages. A lot of people think by getting rid of one bad relationship another one will save it.

A divorce settles nothing for the present or the future. The odds go up tremendously for the woman who is divorced because in more cases than not, they flirt on the fringes of poverty. The finances for both the man and the woman are detrimental to them and for society. Bankruptcy is a common occurrence as an after effect of divorce.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Being the man in this particular instance, and knowing the consequences of divorce should make it a mandate to save your marriage at all costs. Save your marriage for the sake of you, your wife and your children if you have any.

Your Wife Still Loves You

You need to establish that you are a leader and that you know what needs to be done in order to save the relationship. The last place that you want to look for answers is a marriage counselor. The reason is that when you both meet and the counselor hears from you that my wife wants a divorce because of these reasons then the facts are laid out one by one.

You have to face the facts.

Your marriage is in trouble and you have to take action. If the situation was fine then this crazy talk of divorce would have never come up in the first place.

On paper the marriage counselor may say that divorce is a viable solution to your problem. Really? What about the emotional bond that both of you had when you first got married? Find that reason and you will find a solution.

People are attracted to other people who are self-confident and are sure of their future. This is the secret to success of turning a relationship around. You will have to be transformed from an indecisive, insecure individual to a person who knows what they want out of life. You will have to explain the future to your wife and what your plans are to achieve it. Making her part of your plans can be enough to save the relationship.

Facing adversity together as a couple will make the bond stronger than it was when you were first married. Being able to overcome the potential issue of divorce and working things out is one of the best remedies to saving a relationship.

It is never too late to save a marriage even when things look as bleak as they can.

Change your attitude; change your position and being involved in each other lives will create a relationship that will never break.

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