Marriage Quiz: Answer 10 Questions to Know if Your Marriage is in Trouble.

6. Do you find yourself fighting with your spouse a lot?

Anger can manifest itself in many different ways. Frustration with each other can cause you to become angry, and then use each other as emotional punching bags.

7. Do you kiss the same way, or kiss anymore at all?

You know the old Cher song, “It’s in his Kiss”, they say that when you no longer kiss passionately, that can be a sign that your feelings have changed.

8. If / when you fight, do you start to wish for a separation or divorce?

This is a big sign that divorce or separation is coming next.

9. Do you think he or she is cheating?

There were studies conducted that showed when a partner feels that their spouse is cheating, they are usually right. There are certain clues that are given on a subconscious level, certain clues in the environment that make you doubt, and sadly, they are usually right on the money.

Your Wife Still Loves You

10. Do you still feel love?

Whether from them, or felt by you, once that love is gone, you can kiss the marriage goodbye.

These are questions to ask if you think your marriage is in trouble, but the last question to ask yourself is … can this marriage be saved?


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