How To Make Your Wife Happy In And Out Of Bed

There is a saying that says a happy wife equals a happy life, and that is definitely true to some extent. If your wife is unhappy in your marriage, then you and your marriage are going to be affected negatively as well.

She Is The Only One Who Can Make Herself Truly Happy

It is important to understand that you could be doing everything right, and she could still be unhappy in the marriage. If she is internally unhappy, then there is nothing that you can do to change the way she views herself, you, the marriage, and everything else around her.

She’s the only one who has influence over her thoughts. This is something to keep in mind throughout your marriage. If you are consistently trying to make your wife happier, and nothing you do works, then nothing is going to get better until she seeks help for herself.

How To Make Your Wife Happy Outside Of The Bedroom

In your marriage, your wife needs support, love, protection, and empathy. These are traits of someone who loves you unconditionally, and you should be the one person in her life who always displays these core traits.

Your Wife Still Loves You

However, there are other things women need to feel happy with their husband and their marriage. Following are some common issues that are often found in marriages.

Common Issue #1 – Lack Of Communication

It is also important to know that your wife needs to communicate with you in order to feel validated and understood in the marriage. Women relate to the world through communication. They like to discuss their problems, as it is a way of resolving issues that they are having, and you need to be a supportive and sympathetic ear during this time.

Too many husbands end up tuning out their wives when they are trying to communicate. When they do this, their wife feels unheard and unloved, and of course becomes unhappy with her husband.

Fixing this issue is a matter of learning how to communicate with your wife in a way that satisfies her. She may just want you to listen or she may want you to participate, but if you actively engage with her, then you will make her feel as though you love her enough to do so, and that will make her happy.

Common Issues #2 – Lack of Trust

This is so simple to fix, yet many men don’t do it. A lack of trust can cause your wife to be extremely unhappy in your marriage. She can start to question your commitment to her among many other things.

Trust is built by proper communication and openness. Therefore, if you are open with your wife and let her know how you feel, what you want, and any other ‘secrets’ that you may be holding onto, you will help will that bond of trust with your wife.

How To Make Your Wife Happy Inside Of The Bedroom

There are so many wives who are unhappy in the bedroom, and there are so many reasons why they are unhappy. If you can master these issues and learn how to make your wife happy in the bedroom, then you will earn the husband of the year award in her eyes.

1. Understand It Is Not Just Physical For A Woman

Research has shown that there are a lot of issues that cause women to not enjoy sex. In fact, 90% of the problems women have achieving orgasm is psychological.

A lot of issues inside of the bedroom stem from outside of the bedroom; for instance, if your wife is unhappy in the marriage, then she is not going to feel very sexual with you. She cannot feel unhappy with you and enjoy sex with you at the same time. Therefore, ensuring that you make your wife happy outside of the bedroom will increase her happiness inside of the bedroom by a ton.

In addition, when a woman is stressed out about her life in general, she can have a hard time focusing in on sexual pleasure. In fact, she will not even want to participate in anything sexual. Knowing this, you should be actively working towards helping her eliminate any stresses where you can; for example, help her with the kids or the housework to eliminate some stress from her life.

2. Know What A Woman Really Wants

Sorry guys, too many of us head into sex the wrong way. We think that because we can easily get turned on and have an orgasm that a woman can too, but the truth is that women need a little more to get turned on. For instance, while foreplay is not always necessary, it can help direct a woman’s mind towards sex. (Remember, her mind needs to be focused on pleasure in order to experience full pleasure.)

In addition, most women do not have orgasms from penetration alone.  That means that you may need to engage in oral foreplay or introduce toys into the bedroom in order to fully satisfy your wife during sex.

In addition, your wife is a unique individual with her own fantasies and desires. If you can open the lines of communication in the bedroom and find out what those fantasies and desires are, then you are going to improve your sex life with your wife in a big way. Ensure she feels safe to communicate what she wants with you, which means no judgments, laughing, or jokes about anything she suggests.

Think of it this way: If your wife is not getting satisfied in bed, why would she want to have sex with you? You have to learn how to please your wife sexually if you want her to get excited about sex too, so learn all you can about her and what turns her on and then apply it to your sex-life.

In conclusion, a happy wife can equal a happy life – or at the very least a happy marriage. In order to be happy in bed, she has to be happy with you and the marriage, so ensure you always work on maintaining a happy and healthy marriage.

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