Keep Distractions in Check

Most couples who end up breaking up blame distractions for wrecking their marriages. It is hard to agree that things that take up so much of our time are the ones to blame for the failure of a marriage. Marriage is a bond between two people. It is the couple—and never the things around them—that decides where they want to take the marriage. If you feel that you are growing farther apart every single day, then recognizing the distractions that are causing this is your first step. After this, dealing with these distractions is the next logical step.

What are some of these distractions?

First: Work

Work uses up most of the time that you have in one week. It’s okay to take work home during crunch time. But when you have to take your work home as a lifestyle, then you should expect this to take its toll on your marriage. Try to achieve a balance between work and life with your spouse. And try to step up when you feel that the balance is tipping in favor of work.

Second: The Kids

Yes, having kids is part and parcel of family life. But if it’s taking too much of your alone time with your spouse, then you have to take drastic measures. By drastic measures, we mean setting aside time to be with your spouse without having to worry about the kids or the house. This is the time to zoom into your relationship and remind yourself how much fun you used to have when there was only the two of you. Try to genuinely enjoy your alone time, and try to do this as frequently as possible.

Your Wife Still Loves You

Third: Other Relationships

In-laws and friends are sometimes a deterrent to enjoying a peaceful family life. If you feel that your other relationships are encroaching into your marital space, then you have to put your foot down and show them their proper place in your life. This is the only way to fix your relationship when other people are ruining it, deliberately or indeliberately.

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