Is Your Wife Thinking About Divorce? Ask Her These 10 Questions.

6. Do you trust me?

Here’s a big one. How can she share her life with you, rely on you, depend on you, if she doesn’t trust you.  A man is supposed to be reliable and trust is important.

7. Am I a good provider?

Similar to #6, a woman aligns herself with a man so he can provide for her and her children. There’s a reason guys with money can get women. I’m not saying you have to be rich , but bringing home the bacon is still very much a man’s responsibility.

8.  Do you feel loved?

Women are emotional creatures, they need love from their men.

9.  (Ask her hypothetically) Does she want to save marriage from divorce?

If she doesn’t care about the marriage, then the next question should definitely be asked…

Your Wife Still Loves You

10.  Do you ever want to get divorced?

Usually the best way to figure out if she wants to be divorced, is just to flat out ask.

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