Is Your Wife Thinking About Divorce? Ask Her These 10 Questions.

Men and women are different, and part of what makes them different, causes them to divorce for different reasons. According to a study conducted by Penn State, which took data from 1980 to 1997, there are big differences between why men and women divorce. Typically, men get divorced for external reasons and women get divorced for emotional reasons. If you suspect that your wife is thinking about divorce, you may want to ask her these 10 questions, which I have created, based on the study. This is relationship advice for men, to follow to save their marriage.

1. Do you find me to be the same person you fell in love with?

One of the main reasons that women get divorced is due to personality. This is due to the fact that a lot of guys will behave differently towards their spouse BEFORE they get married, but show their true colors afterwards. If you are a guy, being consistent can avoid this, or making sure that you live together and act the way that you would IF YOU WERE MARRIED.

2. Are you satisfied with our sex life?

Marriages can dissolve due to lack of sex, or a boring sex life, you should check with your wife to make sure she’s getting hers too.

3. Are you happy?

Unhappiness is another reason that women list for getting a divorce.

Your Wife Still Loves You

4. Do you feel I’m home enough?

Many women don’t like it when the man leaves the home, and this can have pretty bad consequences.  Ever heard of guys going off into the Army and the woman cheating or running off with the kids? Women want a guy to be there for them.

5. Do you feel abused?

This is a question you shouldn’t (hopefully) need to ask her, but physical and emotional abuse are reasons that women get divorced.

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