Is Your Marriage in Trouble? Know These Early Warning Signs

A lot of times, marriages fall apart because couples don’t see the early warning signs until it’s too late to address them. Part of a healthy marriage is being sensitive enough to know that something is amiss, and having the drive to face the problem and deal with it, head on. If you want to be happy and in love, it doesn’t mean you should always be on your toes, sniffing around and about for the slightest sign that something is wrong. Being sensitive simply means knowing your partner—and what you have between you—well enough to sense danger from a mile away.

To help you make sure that you fix your marriage before it’s too late, here are some of the most common early warning signs:

Sign No. 1: No Fun

You don’t have fun talks anymore. Remember how much fun talking used to be? Well, if that doesn’t hold true anymore, you might as well admit it and talk about what has changed since then. The ability to talk and have fun doing it eventually becomes the glue that keeps old couples together. As such, the lack of this is also a telltale sign that indicates you’re drifting apart.

Sign No. 2: No Warmth

There is no more warmth. If you wake up one day, suddenly realizing how alone you are, even when you’re right next to your partner, your marriage is definitely in trouble. In healthy relationships, warmth comes naturally. As such, the absence of warmth is sometimes difficult to detect until your marriage is in the worst situation that it has ever been. However, if you are able to detect this right away, the chance of your fixing it is also greater.

Your Wife Still Loves You

Sign No. 3: No Patience

You don’t have the patience that you used to have for each other. Every little thing starts to irk you. Every small mistake is blown out of proportion. Your partner’s mere presence irritates you. It’s time to take stock of your emotions, assess your relationship, and find out if you need to save your marriage from the brink of decay and destruction. If you let this pass, it will be too late.

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