Is Your Husband Thinking About Divorce? Ask Him These 10 Questions.

6. What would you do to improve the marriage?

For some reason when you talk to a guy, they always want to offer solutions to a problem, women are different, it’s like they want you to feel the pain that they feel about a problem. A guy will jump at the chance to tell you what he would do to improve the situation, and it’s a smart question to ask before you end up going through a divorce.

7. Are you happy?

Sometimes the best thing is to find out if the guy is happy, if he isn’t then maybe it is a good idea that you break up.

8. Do you feel like you have accomplished what you want in life?

Some guys freak out, maybe what you are perceiving as him wanting a divorce or separation is him going through some kind of midlife crisis.

9. How can we compromise?

“Compromise is the essence of diplomacy”, a wise man once said, if you want feedback to help the marriage, then you should just ask.

Your Wife Still Loves You

10. Do you love someone else?

This is a difficult question to ask, but if the answer is “yes” better to know that now.

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