Is Your Husband Thinking About Divorce? Ask Him These 10 Questions.

Men are harder to gauge than women, it’s going to be hard to get anything from him without straight out asking. Usually men get divorced for external reasons. Often times, it’s the women who ask for the divorce and many men don’t know what happened. Relationship advice for women is a slippery slope. Many times the men cite their own problems , such as their abusive nature, or drug/alcohol addiction as reasons for divorce. Here are some questions to ask your man based on a Penn State study that assessed the different reasons for divorce based on gender:

1. Are you satisfied with our sex life?

Sex is very important to a man, it’s how we are designed, if he isn’t getting it enough that could cause great resentment from him.

2. How do you feel about my parents?

Guys complain some about the in laws, for some reason they divorce over them , or at least cite in laws as a reason for divorce.

3. How are things at work?

Men often cite external issues as the cause for divorce, the commitment to work is one of them.

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4. Do you think about divorce?

Men are straightforward, if you really want to know if he is thinking about divorce then it is a good idea to just outright ask him.

5. What’s wrong with the marriage?

This is a good question to ask anyone, regardless of genders, even better than this is to ask:

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