Improve Your Relationship with the Kids Around

Having kids can make married life more rewarding. However, in some cases, being preoccupied with raising the kids can also take its toll on your marriage. If you are starting to feel the need to rescue your marriage from the kids, take the following tips:

  1. Keep your focus. While it is true that raising children is a full-time to job, you need to look at your relationship with your partners as a major part of your life that you can’t live without. You can make your partner feel this by taking advantage of every opportunity to make him or her feel special, in the littlest of ways.
  2. Tuck the kids in bed early. Set an early time for the kids to go to bed so you can spend the rest of the night with your partner. Use this time to catch up on each other’s lives, ask each other how the day went and what your plans are for tomorrow, or plan for your week’s date.
  3. Do shared parenting. Parenting is not meant to be a job for only one person. You will realize how much the load lightens up if you share the responsibility between the two of you. Talk about how you want the responsibility to be split between you, such as who will drive the school to work and who will pick them up, who will prepare breakfast and who will help them with their homework, and who’s going to the next parents-teachers’ meeting. Sometimes it takes this small effort to fix your marriage.
  4. Raise independent kids. Nurture your kids in a way that they will discover how much they can do alone, and without having to depend on their parents. This way, you won’t always have to be physically involved in your kid’s life, and will have more time for your spouse.
  5. Recognize each other’s parenting ways. Moms especially have a thing for making sure that every chore is done the way they do it. Sometimes, this can put so much pressure on dads and make household tasks—and even the mere prospect of having to do them—revolting. Improve your relationship by recognizing that there are several ways to do one thing, and there are more than one ways of doing it right.

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