Husbands Top 10 Complaints About Their Wives

6. No more sex.

Just because you are married doesn’t mean you can’t have sex. Sex is very important to a marriage and many site lack of sex as a problem that could cause divorce. 

7. Spending Sprees.

Many women love to shop and thus love to spend money. Some husbands are the sole breadwinners and don’t exactly like the fact that the wife just HAD to have that 1000 dollar pair of shoes.

Your Wife Still Loves You

8. Letting Yourself Go.

Having kids can take a toll on the body, but plenty of women gain weight and just sit there like lumps. Many men will divorce or leave a woman for a fitter model, especially if they have money.

9. Drama.

Many women love drama, most men can’t stand it. Sometimes a woman will just pick a fight because she can and then wonder why you ignore her or don’t respect how she feels. It’s a painful trap that husbands wish they didn’t have to endure.

10. Communication.

Communication is a very important part of a marriage, but sometimes guys need their alone time.  Perhaps we have a job where all we do is communicate and by the time we are home and tired, we just want to eat and relax, not face drama or start gabbing about our day.

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