Husbands Top 10 Complaints About Their Wives

1. Expecting Us to Mind Read.

 Lots of women and wives expect their mates and husbands to read their minds. They expect us guys to “just know” what we did wrong.

2. Trying to “fix” Us.

There are theories in Evolutionary psychology that says women want the alpha male, they want the best and they will manipulate a guy to fit their idea of the perfect male. Unfortunately, any guy trying to live up to this is ultimately doomed, because women are also wired to reject men that they are able to manipulate. Thus women are forever trying to test men , and it gets old.

Your Wife Still Loves You

3. Double Standards.

Telling us to not do something that you would do is hypocrisy. There are plenty of double standards that men don’t like, so why use them against us?

4. Unrealistic expectations.

Women have high standards, mainly created by all the romance of Hollywood. All women naturally have higher standards than men, but sometimes their egos go way out of control.

5. Nagging.

Nobody likes a nag. Wives can be very critical of their husbands and constantly telling them what to do would get on anyone’s nerves.

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