How Close is Your Spouse to Walking Out The Door? Stop Divorce Now!

No one wants to suffer the trials of going through a divorce or separation.

You need to understand that this terrible thing happens to almost half of the population in the United States today. It is on the minds of many Americans, and it could very
well happen to you. Many people have to deal with this dastardly event one time or another. So how can you prevent yourself and your family from dealing with this? Some people don’t want to break away from their relationship because they are afraid to live on their own. This often leads to a misconception of whether they really want to separate or not.

You need to watch for signs that will tell you that your relationship with your spouse may be at a crossroads. Every marriage starts off with both people madly in love with each other. Of course, there are times when marital bliss can be clouded by arguments that would make things seem like life will not improve. Most times, they work themselves out. However, there are times when they don’t work out. Finding happiness for a married couple is challenging when you feel like your whole world is fine, but you suddenly have doubts that your spouse may not be happy in this situation.

Or maybe this has been a feeling in the pit of your stomach for so long, you forgot how to be happy. You need to start communicating with your spouse before they decide they want to end the marriage. One way to do that is to improve upon your marital communication. You may wonder, does marriage counseling work? It all depends on whether your partner wants to try to work the marriage out and to figure out what is causing all the arguments.

Is Your Spouse Spending More Time Away From Home?

Do you think your loved one is going to leave you? Are you searching for signs online that’ll help you figure out if your spouse wants to leave you? One sign that your relationship is on the rocks is that your spouse is spending a considerable amount of time away from you and the home. Your spouse may be emotionally detaching themselves from you, so it will be easier for them to find their own happiness.

Your Wife Still Loves You

walking away

Preparing to move out can cause your loved one to be different towards you, both emotionally and physically, which is why you need to sit down and talk to them about your marriage. Another sign that your marriage could be ending is when your friends and family members have not seen you together in a long time. If you notice your spouse is getting ready to leave, ask if you can come along or where they are going. Your partner may be bottling up all their emotions and doesn’t know a safe way to tell you what they’re thinking without blowing up in your face.

It’s often difficult to figure out what your spouse is thinking unless you can read their mind. Since no one has this ability, you need to ask yourself if your spouse is thinking of separating or divorcing you and what you can do to prevent it. Several questions to ask yourself include:

  1. Have you been there for your spouse, or have you been neglecting their needs lately?
  2. Does your career demand too much of your time that you aren’t there for your loved one as often as they need?
  3. Do you do small things that set your loved one off that you haven’t thought about changing up until now?

These are a few questions you should ask yourself that do lead married couples to divorce — needs are simply not met or the other person isn’t paying enough attention to the other. Do you know if your loved one has pet peeves about things you do, or everything you’re doing is making them angrier every time you do them? Before your loved one decides to leave you, sit down with them and figure out what it is you’re doing wrong or what is wrong in the relationship.

Is Your Intuition Telling You Your Marriage is Ending?

Sometimes the most important possible tell-tale sign that your spouse is leaving the marriage would be from your own intuition. The feeling that something isn’t quite right speaks volumes. You have thought of the idea of separation, but you don’t want that to happen because you know that most marriages end when they separate from one another. Has your gut been in knots wondering what your partner is thinking, but they won’t talk to you or express their feelings anymore?

If your loved one used to express their feelings to you all the time and now they have clammed up and won’t talk to you, then it’s a possible sign they are trying to detach from the relationship and become independent again. They may be talking to their friends or other family members about their problems, and they don’t know how to approach you about the subject that they believe the marriage is falling apart. You need to step up to save your failing marriage; otherwise, you will end up going down the road to divorce court. If you believe your husband or wife is considering divorce, then you need to stop divorce now by simply talking to them.

 Is Your Spouse Not Communicating with You?

UnhappyIf you want your marriage to work out, then you need to go to your loved one by being caring, understanding, and having an open mind; otherwise, you will have a difficult time getting your loved one to open up to you about their thoughts and feelings. You don’t want to have a marriage in crisis. Nobody does. So you need to take it upon yourself to figure out what you can do to save your marriage and how you can show your loved one that you are here for the long road. If your spouse is the quiet type to keep their thoughts and emotions hidden even when they’re angry, they’ll continually bottle up that pent up anger until they’ve had enough and are ready to leave you.

People who are introverts often keep their emotions hidden. You need to communicate with your loved one, so they can safely vent to you, so your marriage isn’t headed for a divorce. People who are considered extroverts are often easy to read, especially when they are angry. In either personality type, you need to tell your loved one that you want to be there for them. If they are unable to physically talk to you, that they can write you a letter about their frustrations and thoughts they are having.

The best way for your marriage to survive through the hard times is to keep an open line of communication because without it, your relationship will crumble. Communication is key in any type of relationship and without it, you won’t know what the other person is thinking or feeling. You cannot simply rely on trying to figure out what their body language is trying to tell you. You need to sit down and have a talk with your loved one because it is the only way your marriage will stay together. You can stop a divorce from happening, but you need to begin NOW.

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