High Expectations Might Ruin Your Marriage

With marriage comes some dreams and a lot of expectations. Women might want their husbands do be a prince straight out of a fairy tale who would not focus on anything else but love. Men, on the other hand, want wives who understand that work and play is as important as their marriage. They want them to believe that they love them even when they don’t say it. Women often want to hear those three magical words.

These simple unfulfilled expectations lead to a complicated relationship between the two. They are together but they want to vent their feelings. Instead of talking, they are busy nourishing these bad feelings which finally come out as a divorce notice. In the end you are left wondering how to save your marriage.

Your Wife Still Loves You

Relationship advice for men and women may differ according to some people. However, a few things can always be done by both the parties alike, so that they may save their troubled marriage. Read on for a few tips.

  • Talk to each other- instead of talking to your friends, talk to each other about your issues. Take time out for an intimate discussion and tell each other about your expectations. Your partner would be able to tell you why they were not fulfilled. Most of the times it is just some lack of communication.
  • Don’t expect your partner to be superhuman- Your partner is not a superman. A man does not have the ability to work for long hours at the office and come back home to go on a shopping spree with you. Women on the other hand are not mind readers. They would never know you are tired unless you tell them.
  • Come back to reality- most of the times, couples are not able to recover their honeymoon period mentally. They are expecting too much. Thinking that your wife will look perfect for you after tending your little children for the whole day or thinking that your husband would simply come back from the office and take you out for dinner may be unrealistic. It may happen a few times, but not always. Life is not picture perfect.

Time and Space– most of the couples living happily together always have a life of their own. The wife has her friends and the husband has to go on a weekly trip to the bar. It should be respected. However, these couples take out at least some time to be with each other, completely alone every day. It can either be before going to bed or any other suitable time. Just feel that you are together and loved. Rest pieces will fall back to their place.

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