Five Signs Of Infidelity That You Should Not Ignore

When you are in a relationship, it can be very hard to tell if someone you are with is being unfaithful. Many people have no idea until the truth hits them in the face. It is a good idea to keep your eyes open to the signs. This way you will not be blindsided once you are given the truth. Here are five common signs of infidelity that you should look out for.

1. Your partner has become very distant.

This is not always a sure sign that someone is cheating, but it can be. If there has been some type of trauma or a great deal of stress in their lives, this can be a reason for distance. You should be concerned if you are not given a reason for there to be distance between the two of you. Talk to them about it and see if they can give you a valid reason. If not, they may be seeing someone else.

2. You notice that there has been an increased need for your spouse to be out of town.

Are they telling you that they are going on business trips a lot more frequently? Do they constantly leave town to see relatives even though they didn’t do this as much before? You should definitely consider this a sign that they are stepping out with someone else. The next time they say they are leaving town, ask if you can accompany them. If the answer is no, you know why.

3. They are paying too much attention to their appearance.

Everyone wants to look good when they are going out, but are they wearing new clothes and doing things to enhance their looks more than usual? If they are going places like the grocery store or the post office and they are taking an hour and a half to get ready, you should be a bit worried. Of course it may all be a matter of trying to look their best, but you should definitely keep an eye out for other signs if you are noticing this.

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4. One of the biggest signs of infidelity is when there is a big change in intimacy.

If you normally have sex a few times a week, but that has changed to a few times a year, something is wrong. If you are not going through any types of issues in the relationship, there should be no reason for intimacy to wane like this. Have a talk and let them know that you have noticed the change and you would like to know the reason for this. If you are not given a solid reason for this change, they may be being intimate with someone else.

5. If you are getting lied to about simple things, this is a huge sign that someone is being unfaithful.

For example, if your mate says they are going to visit a friend and that sane friend calls for them while they are out, you should be worried. There may somehow be a reasonable explanation for this, but chances are that they are being unfaithful. Think about it this way. If someone is being dishonest about something as small as that, doesn’t it make you wonder about what other things they may be holding back from you?

Remember, it is sometimes hard to know if someone you love is cheating. These are several signs of infidelity you should always be on the lookout for. They may not mean anything by themselves, but if you notice more than one of these things, you may be the victim of an unfaithful partner.

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