Does Marriage Counseling work?

You would think with such a large industry of marriage counselors out there that marriage counseling would work. Well, it doesn’t, statistically the numbers are abysmal. So before you go to shell out 200 to 400 dollars an hour to a “professional” who will just sit there and listen to you and your wife speak, you may want to do some research. Fifteen years ago, Consumer Reports did a study and found that most mental professionals deal with their patients either at the same level or better than marriage counselors. That’s pretty sad. That means that the loon who thinks flowers are telling him to burn down houses will be made sane before your marriage gets fixed. It kind of makes sense though, I mean, they can medicate him, but there’s no medicine that will help your marriage…other than maybe viagra, and you don’t need a counselor for that!

If marriage counseling doesn’t work

You are probably thinking, “Oh God, I don’t know how to save my marriage!”, but fear not, there are ways to fix your marriage. One of the best ways to fix a marriage, and save on the cost of seeing a marriage and family therapist, is to rekindle what broughtyou together in the first place. What typically brings any two people is physical attraction, and an attraction of personalities. Usually in long term relationships, the more similar you are , the better.  At least as far as personality is concerned. The other thing that brought you together is physical attraction. If your wife is no longer interested in you, chances are that you or her have either changed personality wise , or physically, which is very possible, as people change over time.

The thing is, a lot of couples actually break up over money.

So, It’s very odd that they would go to a marriage counselor to fix their troubles, when they should go to a personal financial consultant, but they do. Typically, the women want to go to the counselor, because they feel they “need to talk” , and most men would rather not “rock the boat” .  Men don’t like change when things are going good, and so going to a marriage therapist is already something a man is going to dread. This may make him become defensive from the get go. It is much better to rekindle the attraction to your partner, try to compromise, figure out what brought you together and go from there.

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