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Here are the top reasons why married couples get into divorce

Does Marriage Counseling work?

You would think with such a large industry of marriage counselors out there that marriage counseling would work. Well, it doesn’t, statistically the numbers are abysmal. So before you go to shell out 200 to 400 dollars an hour to a “professional” who will just sit there and listen to you and your wife speak, […]

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10 Ways that Divorce Can Ruin You Financially

1. Lawyer Fees: Lawyers are considered by many to be the Devil’s minions for good reason. In many cases, people have signed contracts with lawyers without knowing what they are getting into. In California, there are laws that allow a lawyer to put a lien on your house! Lawyers want to make as much money […]

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Husbands Top 10 Complaints About Their Wives

1. Expecting Us to Mind Read.  Lots of women and wives expect their mates and husbands to read their minds. They expect us guys to “just know” what we did wrong. 2. Trying to “fix” Us. There are theories in Evolutionary psychology that says women want the alpha male, they want the best and they […]

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Why Marriage Counseling Doesn’t Work

Often marriage counseling does not work. In fact, it has one of the lowest success rates of all forms of counseling. That means even mentally ill people in psyche wards are going to have a better chance of getting better than your marriage…then again, that’s a good thing. As you probably know most husbands have […]

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Top 10 Ways to Stop a Divorce

The best way to stop a divorce, is to make sure that it never gets to that point, but if the topic has already come up and your spouse is asking for a divorce, then here are 10 of the top ways to stop it. 1. If the person has mentioned divorce, then you should […]

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8 Things to Look for in a Marriage Counselor?

Does Marriage counseling work? Many people argue that marriage counseling is the least effective form of counseling. Is this because of the counselors or because of marriage counseling in general? In order to get your money’s worth; you should know the 8 things to look for in a marriage counselor. 1. If you want a […]

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Marriage in Crisis

Is Your Marriage in Crisis? What You Must Do NOW to Save It.

Divorce and Marriage Statistics in the United States Some couples experience marriage in crisis due to a number of factors such as financial, religious, emotional and psychological issues. They may have tried applying different methods that could save their marriage, yet the reason for getting a divorce may be intense. According to researchers, about 50% […]

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