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Here are the top reasons why married couples get into divorce

How to be romantic with your wife

7 Tips On How To Be Romantic With Your Wife

A lack of romance in your marriage could be to blame for many issues, such as lack of sex and lack of emotional intimacy. Why? To women, romance signifies love. Being romantic shows that you care and value your wife, and when you stop being romantic with her, she will feel neglected and unloved, and […]

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What Is The Number One Reason For Divorce?

Divorce is unfortunately all too common in our society. You have undoubtedly heard the statistics about half of all marriages ending in divorce. Everyone knows a friend or relative who has had an unhappy marriage that ended. However, you may not realize what the single most common cause of divorce is.What is the number one […]

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Top Reasons For Divorce Here’s 10

Some couples meet, fall in love, marry and live happily ever after. Other couples meet, marry and end up divorcing within a very short time. Why is this so prevalent? Can it be helped or stopped? Let’s take a look at the top reasons for divorce and see what we can find out. The top […]

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Why Do People Divorce? Video Series Part 2: Sex

Is my wife cheating? Is my husband cheating? These are questions that none of us want to ask, but if sex is lacking or missing altogether at home, often a spouse will find it elsewhere. Having a healthy sex life is important for a happy marriage. While it can be extremely enjoyable, there are many […]

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Should I Get A Divorce?

When a couple stand before a minister to recite their marriage vows, full of smiles, “love” and joy; the last question on they ever imagine asking is, “should I get a divorce?”.  They’ll expect that their marriage should be able to carry the 6-word phrase that ends most fairy tales “and they lived happily ever […]

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Top 10 Reasons Why Marriages Fail

It’s funny how most marriage vows include staying together through health or sickness, wealth or poverty, and till death do you part….and then there’s divorce. Money The number one reason for divorce is money. So much for the richness/poorness vow, and you can bet that wives aren’t leaving their husbands because they got rich. It’s […]

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