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Asking Yourself, Is My Wife Cheating?

At many points in a marriage a man may ask himself “is my wife cheating”? There are many obvious reasons that these men ask themselves this question, but there are also some much more subtle reasons a man may ask himself this question. Physical signs that your wife might be cheating: New Clothes Is your […]

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7 Signs That Your Spouse Is Thinking of Leaving

Marriages are wonderful things. They are unions created by two people who are in love with the purpose of creating a life together. Many marriages commonly include having and raising children, living together and sharing resources,and providing love , emotional support, and intimacy for each other. Having a marriage work well is very rewarding, but […]

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Keep Distractions in Check

Most couples who end up breaking up blame distractions for wrecking their marriages. It is hard to agree that things that take up so much of our time are the ones to blame for the failure of a marriage. Marriage is a bond between two people. It is the couple—and never the things around them—that […]

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Fix Your Relationship with Expert Help

So you have gone past the denial phase. Now you acknowledge the fact that the responsibility to keep your spouse is bigger than you or your spouse or even what you used to have. Now you realize that you need expert help to get your marriage back on the right path. There are several ways by […]

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