Asking Yourself, Is My Wife Cheating?

At many points in a marriage a man may ask himself “is my wife cheating”? There are many obvious reasons that these men ask themselves this question, but there are also some much more subtle reasons a man may ask himself this question.

Physical signs that your wife might be cheating:

New Clothes

Is your wife suddenly wearing new clothes or a new clothing style? Is she wearing a style that she’s previously stated quite clearly that she doesn’t care for? This is a classic sign of someone who is cheating on her man. Of course, new clothes or a new style alone don’t mean that your wife is cheating.

New Perfume

Your Wife Still Loves You

Is your wife wearing perfume when she used to eschew it? Has she changed brands or scents recently for no apparent reason? The perfume is another classic sign that added with the clothing could be a sign that makes any man ask, “Is my wife cheating”?

More Secretive

Many women become more secretive if they’re cheating on their spouse. Perhaps she is normally on time and rarely late but suddenly she’s late more than usual with little to no explanation. Perhaps she has suddenly put a lock on her phone which means you can’t simply pick it up and leaf through her texts or numbers called without said code. Has her email address changed? Or perhaps she’s simply changed the password and you can no longer get into her email at all.


Do you and your wife share the money? Or does your wife keep hers separate from yours? Does she let you know her account balances? Is there money that can’t be accounted for? Is there money spent that she is vague about? Have you asked her about it only to have her clam up or get angry?

Even if it’s true, it’s not too late – click here, and I’ll tell you why.

Routine Changes that might signal infidelity:

Many women change their routine if they’re cheating on their spouse. Changing a routine in and of itself doesn’t mean that someone is cheating, but added with the above signs it can certainly point that direction unless there is a really good explanation for this routine change.


Have you been out in public and noticed your wife looking at a stranger and he is looking at her but as soon as you make eye contact they both stop? Do you see this person more than you seem to see other strangers? Have you noticed your wife making excuses to go off alone when you’re on a trip or spending a weekend out?

Hiding Purse

Is your wife suddenly hiding her purse? Have you asked her for something you know she keeps in her purse only to have her make an excuse and leave the room to get it out of her purse?

Time Together

Has your wife gone from wanting to spend every moment with you to avoiding you? Has she acted more distant and made excuses that seem made up? Are you finding it difficult to connect with her? Many marriages go through struggles and difficult times but when these struggles and difficult times seem more unusual than normal, it’s time to ask yourself some serious questions. Then it’s time to have a heart to heart talk with your wife.

A Heart to Heart Talk

Having a heart to heart talk is a scary thing but in order to know if your wife is cheating? You’ll need to set aside some time to talk with your wife and let her know your fears. Many men are afraid of this step but find out that their wife was never cheating. She was planning a surprise or perhaps she was just not really paying attention to her actions. You won’t know without asking her.

If you find out during your heart to heart talk that your wife is cheating, you’ll of course be devastated, but you’ll need to decide, “Do I want to make my marriage work”? If the answer to this is yes you’ll need to work closely with your wife to make it work. Find out where you can improve and how you can help her in dealing with this. Setting your own feelings aside to help her may be a huge step but if you really wish to save your marriage you may just have to do this.

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