9 Bits Of Relationship Advice From Men Who Have Been Divorced

It’s unfortunate that it sometimes takes a divorce to realize what you could have done better in a marriage. However, if you are still married, then you have a chance to learn from men who have already realized what went wrong. Following is some relationship advice for men straight from men who have been divorced and have some valuable insights.

1. Take Accountability For Your Emotions

It is not your wife’s role in life to make you happy, and she is also not the one who can bring you down and make you sad, angry, or depressed. She has no influence over your emotions, only you do; the way you feel is a direct choice by your reactions to the outside world. Accusing her of influencing the way you feel (even if you only say it your mind) will cause you to blame and resent her. When you start to look at her through such as ugly scope or resentment, you start to treat her differently and your marriage will suffer for it.

2. Make Laughter A Priority

Laughter really is the best medicine. It can make you feel better when you’re feeling down and it connects you and your wife in a good way when you face trials and tribulations. Try to see the humor in every situation and help her see the humor too. The more you laugh together, the easier your marriage will be.

3. Cherish Her Uniqueness

It is very easy to get mad and want her to be someone else. But, she can only be the person that she is. She is unique and special and that is why you fell in love with her. Her uniqueness should not be a pain in your side, but rather it should be something you gloat about to yourself and everyone else.

Your Wife Still Loves You

4. Make Her Your Best Friend

Besides yourself, your wife is the one person who will be with you day in and day out. To be with someone that much, they have to be your best friend. A best friend is someone who knows all your secrets, supports you through all of life’s ups and downs, and is the one person you can be yourself around. View your wife as your best friend, and your marriage will instantly feel stronger.

5. Do Something Nice For Her Every Day

Every day you should wake up and ask yourself what you can do for your wife to make her feel good. Why? Because doing something good for your wife will make her feel good, will make you feel good, and will strengthen your relationship. There is no reason not to do something nice for her every day.

6. Satisfy Her Sexually

Even though she is your best friend, she is also your lover. When there is a strong sexual bond in a marriage, there is also a strong relationship bond. Every woman has the desire to be held, kissed, caressed, and treated like the sensual woman that she is. And, many women have needs that go far beyond the traditional idea of how to please a woman. Your job as a husband is to understand those needs and satisfy them. And don’t worry, because when you are able to satisfy her sexually, she will always return the favor.

7. Understand That She Is Not Perfect

Your wife is not now, nor will ever be, perfect. The very definition of perfect is being free from faults, and that is impossible for anyone to achieve. We are all human, and we all have faults. We are all working towards being better, but perfection, in definition, is unrealistic. Instead of wanting your wife to have all the characteristics and qualities you think would make a perfect, try to view her current characteristics and qualities as perfect already. The more you accept your way for she is, and love her for her faults, the more you will enjoy your marriage with her.

8. Be Honest With Your Wife

Honesty will help your marriage succeed in every aspect. When you are honest, you have nothing to hide and you allow your wife to see you for the man that you are. Doing this will earn her trust and keep her trust, which will make your relationship 100% easier. Therefore, have enough confidence in your wife to be honest with her at all times.

9. Grow With Your Wife

The wife that you married will not be the wife that you grow old with. Life is about changing and becoming better, and because of this you and your wife will both change in your beliefs and habits. Understanding this, and allowing your wife to become the woman she was meant to be, will ease a lot of tension in the marriage. Learning to love her for the new woman that she is, at every stage in your marriage, will go a long way towards a successful relationship.

Don’t take the above nine bits of relationship advice for men lightly! Remember, hindsight is 20/20, but you now have some of the most important knowledge you need to make your marriage stronger and successful.

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