8 People NOT to ASK for Advice When Your Marriage is In Trouble

4. His or Her parents

Going to your in laws for advice is a bad idea, they will obviously favor your spouse.

Also, there could be things that your spouse doesn’t want them to know , you could anger your spouse

and sour things even worse between the two of you.


Your Wife Still Loves You

5. Your parents

Going to your parents for advice isn’t a good idea either. They will be biased towards you (or they

should be) and if you want advice, you should seek it from those who have no investment.


6. Colleagues

Theres the business world, and there’s the personal world. You don’t need to tell the people at work

anything about your marriage, it really isn’t there concern unless it interferes with work, and then

you would only tell your employer in that case.

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