8 People NOT to ASK for Advice When Your Marriage is In Trouble

1. Your own children

Your kids are not going to be good for advice. Especially if they are young children, they should be

kept away from the complex problems that are going on in your relationship. It’s still a bad idea to

consult them for advice even if they are older, because then it is like you are forcing them to choose.


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2. Neighbors

Asking your neighbors for advice on how to fix your marriage is very strange. If your neighbors are

actually close to you then it makes them mutual friends, if they aren’t , then it would be awkward to

ask them something so personal.


3. Mutual Friends

Asking mutual friends what to do when your marriage is in trouble is a bad idea. You could do it in a

hypothetical way, but unless you have pretty dense friends , they should know who you are talking about.

And there are personal things that go on in your house that are none of their business.

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