7 Ways Surviving Infidelity Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Even though infidelity is one of the most challenging issues a couple will face, it does not have to mean the end of a relationship. In fact, surviving infidelity can actually strengthen your relationship if you take action to change your relationship dynamic. This may not seem like the case if you are struggling with the pain that infidelity can create, but there are many couples out there willing to testify that there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

It seems odd that reaching outside of the relationship and having an affair can end up strengthening it, but this is often the case. Couples who survive affairs, and take action to make their relationship better, say they have a better love relationship than they ever had or would have had if the affair had not occurred.

However, you don’t have to wait until an affair occurs to start strengthening the relationship. If you or your partner is thinking about an affair, then simply taking action to ensure that doesn’t happen can help to create a strong and happy relationship.

7 Ways Surviving Infidelity Can Strengthen Your Relationship

1. You Realize How Much Your Relationship Means

Your Wife Still Loves You

If you both feel that the relationship is worth fighting for, then you gain insight into how important the relationship is in your life. Often, we lose that insight and our relationship gets put at the bottom of our list. When that happens, a disconnect starts to occur in the relationship, which incidentally is one of the main reasons that affairs occur. Making your relationship a top priority will ensure that you consistently pay attention to it and its health.

2. You Confront Issues In The Relationship

Letting small issues fester into larger issues is one of the biggest reasons that relationships fail. When one person feels neglected in some small way, that feeling does not go away until it is dealt with. For instance, if a woman feels as though her man does not listen to her, then that small feeling can build up into resentment and anger if they do not fix the issue to her satisfaction.

When infidelity happens, whether it is a physical or emotional affair, you have to confront all of the reasons the affair occurred if you want to figure out how to move forward in a healthy way. Getting your relationship issues out on the table, and dealing with them, can help you build a stronger relationship that doesn’t have to deal with them again in the future.

3. You Confront Issues In Yourself

The current state of your relationship is a direct result of you and your partner’s faults or strengths. Surviving infidelity forces you to look at your own issues and fix them. This doesn’t just affect your relationship positively; it also affects your own personal happiness and health positively. Self improvement is essential to happiness in this life, and most people don’t start working on their personal development until a reason, such as the threat of losing a loved one, occurs.

4. Trust Grows Stronger

If you are going to work though the infidelity, then you have to be willing to rebuild the trust. Because this requires a lot of commitment, couples tend to build up more trust than they ever have before. For instance, communication has to improve so that trust can be rebuilt. Often, effective communication that satisfies both partners has never been practiced in the relationship before the affair, and once it becomes a permanent part of the relationship, trust happens effortlessly.

5. Sexual Intimacy Becomes Stronger

Once you start to make personal and relationship improvements, you will start to connect on a deeper level. This will ultimately improve your sexual intimacy.

Sexless relationships are defined as a couple having sexual relationships fewer than 10 times per year. Statistics show that 20 percent of couples are in this category. Sexless relationships can cause a huge disconnection in the relationship, and lead to both physical and emotional affairs.

When you improve your sexual intimacy, you improve your relationship. It helps build trust and a sense of connection that is the foundation of an intimate relationship.

6. Needs Are Met

Affairs often occur because needs are not being met, but surviving infidelity means that communication and trust has to become stronger in the relationship, and because of this individual needs start to get met.

In order to have a satisfying relationship, it is essential that you know what your partner’s needs are, and vice versa. These needs may be emotional or physical, but each person must learn to meet the needs of the other person in order to avoid any huge future relationship issues.

7. Compassion Is Developed

Often relationships fail because both people become wrapped up in their own wants and needs, and fail to see things from their partner’s point of view. After infidelity, it is impossible not to see things from your partner’s point of view if you want to rebuild your relationship. You have to be able to understand where they are coming from, in regards to beliefs and habits, before you can start to satisfy their needs and your own.

Compassionate people are happier people because they are not as defensive and guarded as non-compassionate people. They can see things from other people’s point of view, and thus they can react appropriately to other people. Apply this to your relationship, and you have a recipe for a happier partner and a happier you.

In the end, surviving infidelity can help to strengthen your relationship by forcing elements of a happy and healthy relationship like trust, communication, and compassion to become a permanent part of your relationship. However, if you are on the brink of an affair, incorporating these elements into your relationship can help save the relationship from having to go through the pain an affair brings.

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