7 Tips On How To Be Romantic With Your Wife

A lack of romance in your marriage could be to blame for many issues, such as lack of sex and lack of emotional intimacy. Why? To women, romance signifies love. Being romantic shows that you care and value your wife, and when you stop being romantic with her, she will feel neglected and unloved, and she stop showing you that she cares and values you in ways that you want her to, because if you don’t care about her, then why should she care about you?

In addition, when she starts to feel as though you don’t care about her, she will start to withdraw from the relationship. She will ‘lose that loving feeling’ and start to disconnect with you. This will bring out her angry, hurt, and sad side, and this is where marriages start to have huge problems.

Now that you know being romantic could mean the difference between a happy and healthy marriage and sex life, you should know that men and women define being romantic differently.

Men generally want their women to show interest, understanding, and support in order to be romantic. In addition, they would like their woman to open up and talk about what they want and need. Women, on the other hand, want their men to show them that they care about them and love them through a variety of ways, and they want men to take the initiative to do so. In other words, it is not romantic when your wife has to remind you to show her that you love her.

Your Wife Still Loves You

How To Be Romantic With Your Wife

1. Surprise Her

surprise herThere is a reason that the most romantic movies have a guy surprising a woman with flowers, dinner, or something more extravagant. The center of romance is doing things that will please your wife without her having to tell you to.

Do not think that you have to do anything big in order to be romantic. Simply surprising her with her favorite food or running her a ‘your time’ bath can be very romantic to a woman. In addition, picking up something that you know she needs without telling her can be very romantic. She will appreciate all gestures of unexpected love, big and small.

2. Be Chivalrous

be chivalrous

Women love a man who knows how to make them feel like a woman, and men who are chivalrous do just that. They are courteous and respectful towards women and do things like open doors, pull out their seat, guide them through crowds, and kiss their hand. In short, if you know how to make a woman feel like a woman, then you are going to score a lot of points in the romance department.


3. Foreplay, Foreplay, Foreplay

Sex can be romantic, but you have to show her that you care more about being intimate with her than you do about the actual act of sex. Of course, don’t try to pretend that sex doesn’t matter, or a woman will think you are playing games with her, but do let her know that her whole body (including her mind) is what you are after, and show her how much you enjoy it.

Men and women view foreplay much differently. Women want soft caressing, kissing, and touching, while men want to get prepared to have sex. This is very important to remember. To your wife, hugging and holding each other is just as much foreplay as oral sex is. In fact, to really please her, you should start with simple things such as hand holding or touching her leg and work your way up to more intense acts. Earn the more intense things and she will love it.

4. Take Her Side
I bet you didn’t expect to find this type of tip about how to be romantic with your wife, but it really is a very good tip if you want to make your wife feel loved. When you stand up for your wife in arguments with family, friends, or strangers, you are showing her that you care about her and stand by her. That produces feelings of love towards you, and she will associate it with you being romantic. Therefore, unless you really disagree with her, stand by her when she has disagreements with other people and consider that a romance card well played.

5. Stroke Her Mind

Foreplay is all about turning your wife’s mind on. It can be hard to get your wife in the mood when she is stressed, thinking about tomorrow’s events, or has other things on her mind. Since romance is in part about producing excitement in your wife, one of the biggest things you can do is cause her to focus on you and the intimate relationship you have.

All of the above tips will help you focus her mind on you and your intimacy; however, you can also say things to her that help direct her mind towards the love you share. For instance, you can remind her of a great night you had together not too long ago and let her mind ponder that night. The more you turn her mind on, the more her body will follow.

6. Be Honest With Your Wife

If you listen to your wife, you will probably hear her complain about her friend’s husbands and how they seem like they are being dishonest. Women do not like men who are dishonest, and it causes an alarm to go off in their head that disrupts their intimacy level.

Therefore, if you want to ensure that your wife’s alarm does not go off with you, be honest with her as often as possible. Tell her how you feel, don’t hide anything from her, and allow her to trust you fully at every turn. If you do this, then all of her friends are going to be jealous of you, and she will view you through loving and grateful eyes.

7. Leave Love Notes

We have so many ways to communicate that this is probably one of the easiest ways to be romantic and show her you care. You can leave love notes in her lunch or post a sticky note to the bathroom mirror. You can text her that you are thinking about her or leave her a voice mail about all the things you would rather be doing with her right now. All of these little unexpected expressions of love are romantic, and they will leave her feeling amazed that she landed herself such as loving and passionate man.

Now you should have a better understanding of how to be romantic with your wife. Showing her that you care about her and love her through various means such as being chivalrous, engaging in foreplay, turning on her mind, and leaving love notes, goes a long way in the romance department. The benefit of doing all this is a closer and more loving relationship, so ensure you incorporate these tips into your marriage today.

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