7 Signs That Your Spouse Is Thinking of Leaving

Marriages are wonderful things. They are unions created by two people who are in love with the purpose of creating a life together. Many marriages commonly include having and raising children, living together and sharing resources,and providing love , emotional support, and intimacy for each other. Having a marriage work well is very rewarding, but not an easy thing to maintain. It is important to keep working at it, and to know when your marriage is in trouble. Knowing when your marriage is in trouble is important, it can give you crucial time to learn how to fix your marriage.

Here are 7 signs that your spouse is thinking of leaving you:

1. They no longer seem to care if the marriage works or not.

This could come out by them suggesting that you split up or suggesting that you get divorced.

2. You notice him or her are gone a lot.

They may have found someone else or another place to live and are showing you that they can get on by themselves and that they don’t mind being away from you.

Your Wife Still Loves You

3. One of your kids mention that they saw your spouse with someone else or that they were asked who they would like to stay with in the event of a divorce.

Sometimes your child may be able to pick up on certain personality quirks that will give your spouse’s intentions away.

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