10 Ways that Divorce Can Ruin You Financially

6. Child support:

Not only will you have to pay for a new place, but if children are involved and you don’t have custody, you are going to have to pay child support as well.

7. Credit:

Your credit can be ruined through a divorce. Joint accounts can mean that, when you two get divorced, the credit card people can come after either of you, and if you don’t pay, your credit will go down the tubes.

8. Inheritance:

I hope you aren’t relying on getting a ton of money from your rich spouse’s in-laws now. You are cut off from the family , and you can forget getting any money, no matter what you might think, chances are very good, your in laws won’t give you anything now.

9. Costs of Turmoil:

Missed days of work, stress, unhealthiness, all these have a monetary cost to them and you will feel it when you get divorced.

Your Wife Still Loves You

10. Divorce’s total cost:

If people ask “How much does divorce cost?”, you might want to answer, “Oh around 150-300 dollars.” , but the filing cost is nothing compared to the total amount you are going to spend at the end of the day.

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